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Living Life Naturally

Jul 13, 2020

Our guest, Ama Brew, is a Life Balance Strategist and Empowerment Coach, as a published author and keynote speaker.

Combining her B.A. in Psychology, Masters degree in Organizational Leadership & Human Resources, Life Coach training and personal experience, Ama delivers a personalized coaching experience to help her clients gain more control in their lives, achieve balance, and design the lives they were meant to live: fulfilled, confident, Joyful, and free from what’s held them back.

Ama delves into the root cause of the imbalance in her client’s lives to educate, empower, and coach them to transform so they too can live more balanced & purposeful lives.

What We Discuss With Ama Brew In This Episode

  • What is Superwoman syndrome? 

  • Why do some women have superwoman syndrome? 

  • What are the effects of superwoman syndrome? 

  • How to overcome superwoman syndrome and prevent burnout?

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