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Living Life Naturally

Jul 17, 2020

About Sarah Perez:

Sarah Perez is a Spiritual Business Mentor and Reiki Master/Teacher with a quirky sense of humor. She loves helping women to release their anxiety and build up their inner power so they can serve others without resentment or guilt. As a former corporate engineer with a health coaching business and a family to take care of, Sarah is no stranger to overwhelm. Knowing the stress-reduction techniques, she still never made time to DO them. Reiki has transformed her life, and she is on a mission to help women have freedom with a meaningful business that brings her joy.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  • The passion behind Sarah's desire to help others live an energetic and fulfilled life.
  • Down to earth tips for someone just starting out in reducing their anxiety and stress levels.
  • How does energy work play a role in reducing stress and promoting healing?
  • How does the science and health coach mesh in the real world?
  • Can energy healing relate to all walks of life and all faiths?

Free Resources:

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Connect with Lynne:

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