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Living Life Naturally

Mar 21, 2022

About Pam Reilly:

Pam Reilly is a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Coach. She is pretty goofy, energetic and curious. She wears a bunch of different hats: mom, special educator, dog's best friend, giggler, athlete and personal trainer and always and forever; a joyrider and fierce wellness advocate! She has a passion for...

Mar 14, 2022

About Heather Chapplain:  

Heather Chapplain says,“It all started for me when I realized that I had a love relationship with my sewing machines.”  That was the starting point. She graduated to quilting and then moved on to studying textile design for 2 years with “City and Guild” in England.


She realized that...

Mar 7, 2022

About Marian Grande:

Marian Grande is a Qualified Mediator and Divorce Coach with over 18 years of experience in Family Law. She is the founder of Absolute Dispute Resolution.

Marian is well-known for her sympathetic and empathetic approach, whether she is conducting mediation or coaching while ensuring her clients have...