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Living Life Naturally

Jun 27, 2022

About Alison Pena:

Alison Pena is a Global Speaker, Grief Resilience Coach & Bestselling Author who helps clients develop clear strategies to reconnect, re-engage, reinvent, rebuild and reset essential relationships disrupted by grief.

She calls herself “Bad Widow” because after her husband passed away in 2016,...

Jun 22, 2022

About Gian-Carlo Torres:

Gian-Carlo Torres (Gianco to his friends) has been an entrepreneur for over four years helping people maintain their immune system with an important nutrient called Immunocal. This product helped his mom get out of bed, which is why he became so passionate about it. With nothing but hope, fear...

Jun 20, 2022

About Eileen Durfee:

Eileen Durfee is a health pioneer, business woman and innovator who has reinvented a way to distribute natural healing products to protect others from toxicity.

Eileen is a former nuclear power plant engineer who became sick due to chemical exposure. She suffered from chronic pain, allergies,...

Jun 15, 2022

About Dr. Russell Jaffee:

Dr. Russell Jaffe is an internist, molecular biochemist, clinical pathologist, and diagnostician.  Seeing   an opportunity   and clinical   need for   more bioavailable, highly effective, and advanced dietary guidance, he designed each PERQUE functional   supplement   using  ...

Jun 13, 2022

About Michelle Zellner:

Through a combination of personal coaching, corporate training, and public speaking, Michelle has personally informed, influenced, and inspired thousands on their journeys to becoming better beings. Drawing on her 25+ years in the industry and her advanced degrees in wellness-related education,...