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Living Life Naturally

Nov 28, 2022

About Hilda Kalap:

Hilda uses her wealth of lived experience in overcoming complex PTSD and mental health challenges as well as her extensive training with the world’s most trailblazing teachers such as Donna Eden and Karl Dawson to support her clients: values-driven creative visionary women wanting to live their best...

Nov 21, 2022

About Allie Cass:

Allie Cass is a former bodybuilding pro turned functional health and fitness coach who helps stressed out women optimize their metabolism, up-level their mindset, and shift from surviving to thriving. She's an advocate for self-love, becoming your best self through mind-body health, and living a life...

Nov 14, 2022

About Marnye Moore:

After 25 years as an administrative and executive assistant, Marnye was simply bored out of her mind in a job that was 'good enough.' Her life was just 'good enough.'  She felt she should have been content but she wasn't. She was grateful but bored and could not figure out how to make a change. 2008...

Nov 7, 2022

About DJ Horton:

DJ is a Founding Brand Partner with Neora and the Host of the podcast Advantages to Aging.  She loves helping make people better so both these roles light her up.  Helping women who are heading into or in menopause is her specialty and she believes that a positive attitude goes a long way to dealing...