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Living Life Naturally

Sep 14, 2020

About Aly McDonald:

Aly McDonald is a Mindset Mastery Coach, who deep dives into the mindset to change the lives of women who want to live more confident, fulfilled lives. Aly's practice focuses on personal growth, goal setting, action-taking, and cultivating an expert mindset in areas of happiness, ambition, resilience, confidence, connection, and authenticity. Her mission is to consistently master her own mind and to teach you how to MASTER YOURS!

Aly created this coaching to share, inspire, and TEACH my message: “YOU can change your thought patterns and lifestyle just as I have.” People are always asking her, "how I do it"? And the answer’s simple. You just have to be committed to rewiring your brain. You have to love yourself so much that you will do anything to rewire your thought patterns & change your self-sabotaging habits to feel lasting happiness and live a healthy life.


What We Discuss In This Episode:

  1. Why so many mid-lifers lack the confidence they once had when they were younger and some tips on how to make some easy changes.
  2. If you are struggling with self-confidence, you are in the right place to get some great tips on exactly where to start.
  3. How woman, as mid-lifers, can improve their marriages and/or their relationships, as this often is a contributing factor to the way women feel about themselves.
  4. How can we push through to reach our goals when we can’t seem to stay motivated?


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