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Living Life Naturally

Dec 28, 2020

About  Patty Smith:

Those who have worked with Patti think of her as a Practical Mystic who is, as one client said, a “modern mix of Cosmic Brilliance and Practical Business Woman”.  Her 30 years in Human Resources, coupled with 5 decades of life coaching, give her the perfect blend of skills to support her clients’ clarity, growth, and success.

She is a passionate champion for women entrepreneurs, especially “creatives”, who knows that the old male paradigm of business just doesn’t cut it for those who work from their hearts and souls.

Integrating practical business systems and strategies with intuitive guidance, Patti’s programs and private coaching give her clients the deep understanding and tools they need in order to eliminate the limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors they have been conditioned with since childhood. This frees them to design and run ‘Conscious’ businesses that create wealth and impact today and leave a legacy for tomorrow.

Patti is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling author and sought after speaker who has appeared on television and internet radio as well as speaking from the stage and running her own live events and retreats.

Although it took her longer than most, Patti finally found the love of her life in her husband Paul and shares a home with him and their beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Sheba, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. When she’s not working with her clients, she’s solving crosswords, devouring mystery novels, and giving thanks for all the blessings she enjoys. 


What We Discuss In This Episode with Patty Smith:

One of the aspects of Patty’s business, “Your Dream Genie” is designed to help people access information through their dreams and learn how it can empower them to be who they should be. Tapping into this source can even help you with decisions when we are intuitively tapped into our dreams.

Patty also shares how intuition and the messages we receive in our dreams can help us gain insight and practical tips for our lives. Many times we dream and can’t even remember our dreams, and some people think they don’t even dream.

We discuss the various types of dreams we have and how we can realize the potential of our dreams.

Patty gives us some simple steps to be able to access our dreams (remembered or not) and how we can connect them to our lives and how we can use them to find answers to some of our problems and situations in life.

What are your dreams trying to tell you?

We are visual beings so what we are dreaming is potentially a symbol of something for us.

Can our dreams correlate to our mindset and what does that mean for us?

In this fascinating podcast, you can really dig down deep into your dreams and how they can affect your life in unlocking your potential.


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