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Living Life Naturally

Dec 14, 2020

About Thom King:

Thom King is part CEO, part personal development wonk, and part biohacker info geek, and is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur. While his favorite book list contains many success-oriented and personal-development classics, the traditional definition of achieving success (e.g., make a lot of money) is not what inspires or motives him. He follows more of a “you aren’t doing well unless you’re also doing some good” line of thinking. Thom’s company has been built around the simple principle of “do the right thing.”


In 1999, Thom’s personal passion for food and his concern over the explosion of metabolic disease led him to found Steviva Brands, now known as Icon Foods, with a mission to stem the tide of “diabesity” by providing consumers healthy alternatives to sugar. In recent years, his passion for food and optimal health have intersected with his embrace of a ketogenic (low carb, high fat) diet. Thom’s latest project is a line of ketogenic condiments intended to help more people successfully adopt a healthier lifestyle.


What We Discuss In This Episode:

We talk about Thom King’s passion and “side-gig” in life and what has made him so passionate about taking on this role. 

We also discuss the FDA’s position on “added sugars” (why nutrition labels are so confusing) and what should we know when trying to decipher labels when it comes to added sugar?

Thom shares what motivated him to go keto, and what the role of the keto diet is when it comes to reversing the “diabesity” epidemic.

How does a vegetarian or vegan “go keto?” The possibilities of doing it and how you do it.

What role does keto play when it comes to metabolic disease and even neurological diseases, including migraine.

Thom shares why he created the Guy Gone Keto condiments and talks about how are they different and unique?


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