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Living Life Naturally

Aug 31, 2022

About Iona Holloway:

Iona is a creative inner work coach, #1 best selling author, a former All American Athlete, and the voice behind Soul Breathwork. She helps high performers clear blindspots and shift from precious to prolific in their life, work, and relationships, and has helped some of them get off anxiety meds and heal from eating disorders. Her story of recovery is incredible

She has been featured on platforms including Entrepreneur, Thinx, and Creative Mornings. She has also been featured in podcasts, including The Unmistakable Creative and Mind Love. Iona is deeply committed to delivering real value to listeners.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

  1. Why Iona believes breathwork is better than meditation.
  2. Breathwork as a Swiss army knife to help you think clearer, love deeper and sleep like a rock.
  3. Why do so many people pretend to meditate?
  4. What are the biggest blind spots most women have?
  5. Why is creative block fake… so many people have it?
  6. How to conduct a Soul Dig to reclaim your body, worth, and power.
  7. Goodbye anxiety! How to clear stress with breathwork in 5 minutes flat.
  8. Why breathwork might be more potent than ten years of therapy.

 Resources from Iona Holloway:

Book: Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink:


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