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Living Life Naturally

Sep 28, 2020

About Louise Armstrong:

Louise is a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, BWRT specialist, counselor, coach, and international best-selling author helping people with emotional healing. 

Her passion is to help people to stop living in the past - so they can transform unwanted thoughts and behaviors into positive changes. 

Louise believes that when we change the perspective of the self, we see ourselves for who we truly are so we show up differently in this world, we react differently towards others, in turn, they react differently towards us and we are then able to create a new future we so crave.

Being a human being is all about connection and embracing ourselves as a whole. 

Louise has created group programs, online courses, and work with my private clients helping thousands of women across the world develop meaningful relationships, better health, and financial abundance. 

Her journey started from a very destructive relationship with her mother which she has since healed and the transformation was so incredible she was invited to train as a coach.  Since that time she has gained many professional qualifications all-around healing and bringing like-minded people together. 


What We Discuss In This Episode:

  1. How does reaching midlife affect the relationship with your spouse and how you can approach your relationship to have a happier and healthier relationship?
  2. When dealing with midlife and even past trauma, how does this affect your relationships with your parents and children?
  3. Why do we keep trying to change and always end up doing the same thing?
  4. How can changing your mindset is key and helps improve your life, your health, your relationships, and how you look at life.



Check out Louise’s free download on Emotional healing, accessible from her website:

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Download Louise’s book on Amazon, Change How You See Yourself Today - You CAN heal and change your life. The past is NOT your future.    

Louise wrote this life-changing book to give you the hope of having a happier, healthier life regardless of your childhood or your current situation.

This book is filled with proven, simple tools and techniques that will help you to:

  • Heal and accept your past with forgiveness
  • Create loving, meaningful relationships with those people who are important to you
  • Choose how you respond to any given situation, person, people, or past memory
  • Stop feeling angry and instead feel in control of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions
  • Have the courage to be vulnerable and embrace yourself as a whole, leaving behind the shame and the guilt
  • Be the creator of your future

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