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Living Life Naturally

Nov 14, 2022

About Marnye Moore:

After 25 years as an administrative and executive assistant, Marnye was simply bored out of her mind in a job that was 'good enough.' Her life was just 'good enough.'  She felt she should have been content but she wasn't. She was grateful but bored and could not figure out how to make a change. 2008 the US economy took a big nosedive and she felt like she should just stay put. Instead, she hired a coach who led her through a program of self-discovery. She bought her first home when all else was falling apart. I found a wonderful guy with whom I have been with for eleven years.

The point of it is that she found the courage to move past good enough. She started creating a life that she wanted to live. Lots of ups and downs and none dramatic. But it was the idea that good enough is not good and there is so much more to be had. When they moved cross-country just for the adventure, her corporate employer let her go. That disappointment forced her to build a lifestyle that allows her to be where she wants to be and do what she wants to do.

Today she guides people through the same program of self-discovery and being quite candid with them about personal specifics. That’s her 'flair.' She’s not a friend but the person who says the difficult things.

Not everyone needs a coach. But people who are looking to scale personally and professionally or looking to overcome a personal challenge do. It’s that thing that keeps executives climbing, politicians positive, athletes improving, and so much more.

 What We Discuss In This Episode:

  1. Marnye talks about the goals in her business and her own specific style when it comes be goals setting? Her advice is …Do you have a goal?... If not, get one, any one. Just begin where you are.
  2. Marnye asks a question that requires a deep dive for ourselves. … Are you doing what you know to do or are you making excuses for staying where you are?
  3. We discuss some of the things that may hold you back, such as the things you might be. In her experience, fear keeps us stagnant. Instead, we should have the mindset of …..Do it anyway.
  4. She discusses what paradigms are and states simple that they’re a stack of subconscious habits – programmed by our past. We need a paradigm shift to uplevel our life. Set yourself up for success.
  5. Marnye believe that everything takes practice. Small steps to ultimate success, and encourages us to take those small steps in our own life so we can experience joy and happiness.

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