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Living Life Naturally

Nov 28, 2022

About Hilda Kalap:

Hilda uses her wealth of lived experience in overcoming complex PTSD and mental health challenges as well as her extensive training with the world’s most trailblazing teachers such as Donna Eden and Karl Dawson to support her clients: values-driven creative visionary women wanting to live their best lives, working less, earning more and feeling joyful and fulfilled.

Her skills include being an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner and teacher, an Eden Energy Method Clinical Practitioner, a mindfulness/meditation teacher and one of only 65 teachers of Rahanni celestial healing in the world.

Hilda’s clients experience lasting transformative effects sometimes even in one or two sessions.

Clients come to realise that they are not victims of events but that they are powerful creators of their own reality and have practical tools to change their lives, aligning with their Soul Purpose and living it to the max.

Yet it wasn’t always this way for Hilda. Her own story starts out as a child survivor of domestic violence brought up in a mixed race socially isolated household in one of the most conservative parts of the UK.

She was an atheist who shunned spirituality, a functioning alcoholic and workaholic who fully embodied the left-brain, logical, rational way of being in the world. Outwardly ‘successful’ she felt empty inside.

After a health crash in her early 30s, she experienced a spiritual awakening, learning to sit still for the first time and to embrace the right-brain, intuitive, heart-centred approach to life. And finally to love and accept herself – the path to living authentically and with joy.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

In this episode, Hilda vulnerably and openly shares her story of abuse and bullying from a young girl, even into the work place. She shares how learning to overcome bullying, she was, at long last, able to without guilt and shame and become her own, powerful woman.

  • Hilda shares tips on how to deal with bullying, and the healing methods she used and now uses with her clients for overcoming trauma.
  • She shares how she supports her clients when it comes to speaking out.
  • Hilda share more about the impact of guilt and shame and ways to deal with these emotions.
  • Hilda shares her experiences of growing up in a mixed racial family and the obstacles she had to overcome.
  • How do you live in your power and be an overcomer? Hilda shares her tips and strategies in this regard.

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