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Living Life Naturally

Dec 12, 2022

About Jenn Edden:

Jenn Edden is the founder of the Sugar Freedom Method®, author of Woman Unleashed and was a regularly contributing health expert on Channel 12 News when she lived in New York. Jenn’s zone of genius is teaching women how to kick and manage their sugar addiction so they can look and feel their best, most confident, vibrant self!

Jenn gathered her wisdom from healing herself of sugar addiction and from the 19+ years of being a holistic health coach. Her expertise is in simplifying the dietary confusion and delivering real, long-lasting results.


What We Discuss In this Episode:

 Jenn shares her 5 steps to kick and manage your sugar addiction:

We discuss inflammation and how it affects our cravings

What causes cravings in the first place

We hear a lot about moderation, but is it really a thing for sugar addiction?

Do we crave more sugar as we hit midlife – and what's up with stubborn weight after 40 anyway?

Jenn shares her best tips to reduce cravings so you can live a healthier life and not always be tied to those sugar cravings.


Free Resources from Jenn Edden

Jenn’s Masterclass - The Sugar Freedom Method:

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