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Living Life Naturally

Feb 5, 2024

About Guy Odishaw

Guy Odishaw is the founder of Bhakti Wellness Center, one of the largest, most diverse, integrative medicine clinics in the country. Co-founder of the first integrative student health clinics in the country at the University of Minnesota. Cofounder of Bhakti Brain Health Clinic - Neuroimaging & Neuromodulation. Cofounder of Minnesota Bredesen Clinic - Dementia Prevention & Treatment Co-founder of CerebralFit Brain Training, a Nutraceutical, Electroceutical, company.

Guy’s 30 years of clinical experience specializing in treatment resistant chronic pain, traumatic brain injury and psycho-emotional trauma informs his approach to brain health. Additionally, his 20+ years as meditation instructor and facilitator of courses on personal growth helped him understand how to support clients through the potent changes arising from Neurotherapy. Brain training does not only alleviate unwanted symptoms it often also positively changes one’s whole sense of self and relationship to the world around them.


What We Discuss In This Episode

In this episode, we talk about Guy’s favorite subject – the treatment and prevention for neurodegenerative diseases, for example, dementia, Parkinson’s, macular degeneration.

With his general area of expertise being in Bioelectric Medicine and brain health, he remarks that although it’s about brain healthy, they treat the whole body.

The Aging Brain and anxiety.

Cracking the longevity code & living better & longer with regenerative medicine

Dementia unraveled -  effective strategies for treatment & prevention

Shedding light on healing: the science and benefits of infrared light therapy

Sparking Brain Health: Exploring the Power of Bioelectric Medicine, Neuromodulation, & Microcurrent Therapy


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