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Living Life Naturally

Feb 12, 2024

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If you're looking for a community of like-minded women on a journey - just like you are - to improved health and wellness, overall balance, and increased confidence, check out Lynne's private community in The Energized Healthy Women's Club. It's a supportive and collaborative community where the women in this group share tips and solutions for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. (Discussions include things like weight management, eliminating belly bloat, balancing hormones, wrangling sugar gremlins,  overcoming fatigue, recipes, strategies, perimenopause & menopause, and much more ... so women can feel energized, healthy, and lighter, with a new sense of purpose.



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MENOPAUSE Messing Up your life?  Maybe you’re seeing the number on the scale creep higher and higher and you're noticing your usual efforts to lose weight arent working. Then there’s the hot blazes, night sweats, and sleeping fitfully, not to mention that youre fighting tears one moment, raging the next, and then, the shameful guilt sets in because you’ve just blasted your partner – for nothing…again!

Learn how to successfully and holistically navigate perimenopause and full-blown menopause, and even reconcile all the hormonal changes and challenges that go along with it.

You’ll be feeling energized, healthier, and more in control so you can take on your day confidently and live life joyfully – even in menopause. I've got this FREE solution tool for you. 

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Would you love to be successful focusing on improved health & wellbeing in 2024?

 Maybe you’d like to increase your energy levels, reduce or maintain a healthy weight, ditch the brain fog & belly bloat. Or maybe you’d love some more strategies to help transform you into a “magnificent midlifer” who’s fully energized - charged & ready to start each new day with anticipation and & joy, Or maybe you have some illness you've been facing and it's compounded by menopause. I'd love to chat. 

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About Anne Poirier:

Anne Poirier CSCS, is a nationally recognized Body Image Expert, bestselling author of the Body Joyful, certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, founder of Shaping Perspectives… A Woman’s Way to Joy and leader of the Body Joyful Revolution.  Anne is a pioneer and leading voice for the body neutrality movement.  She has been featured and cited in major media outlets around the world including Shape, Women’s Health, New York Times, Washington Post, Newsy, Livestrong, Huff Post,  ABC, Fox, CBS and NPR.  As a long-time eating disorder survivor, non-diet coach and certified self-talk trainer Anne has been a guest on over 60 podcasts, serves on the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Lived Experience Task Force and is the Director of Behavioral Health at Hilton Head Health (America’s Top  Health and Wellness Resort).  As an Eating Disorder Specialist and Life Coach, Anne helps women free themselves from diet culture and society’s thin ideal while teaching clients how to live and sustain a diet-free lifestyle.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

Anne shares her personal health journey, discussing her struggles with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. She emphasized the importance of addressing the mindset, belief system, and various aspects of overall well-being, rather than solely focusing on diets and exercise, to achieve a healthier relationship with one's body.

Anne shares the impact of stress on weight and provides strategies to manage stress, such as meditation and deep breathing. She also emphasized the importance of shifting focus from appearance to appreciating the body's function and treating it with respect.

Anne and Lynne discuss the importance of shifting your mindset towards your body, treating it as a gift, and respecting it. They emphasized the need to learn to listen to your body, honor your hunger and fullness cues, and develop a compassionate and intuitive relationship with yourself.

Anne also shares the importance of practicing body gratitude on a daily basis, appreciating all the things our bodies do for us. She also offered a free digital copy of her book, "The Body Joyful," which provides tips and strategies for moving from self-loathing to self-acceptance.

Key Takeaways:

1.    How stress affects our weight, and options to help lower stress, and take care of ourselves better.

2.    How to reduce stress in 3 minutes or less.

3.    How to accept and appreciate the pre and post-menopausal body.

4.    What can we do to help take care of ourselves better?


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A free digital copy of the book The Body Joyful: My journey from self-loathing to self-acceptance.  

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