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Living Life Naturally

Sep 6, 2021

About Sylvia Marusyk:

Sylvia Marusyk is the owner and innovative mind behind MindBody Works; a Canadian company focusing on creating and maintaining health and wellness in the workplace, Sylvia is fun, sassy, and passionate about safety & health. As an Occupational Therapist with almost 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of health and safety, she emphasizes that prevention is the key to creating happy, healthy individuals, employees, and businesses.

The former host of the ‘Happy Hour With Sylvia!’ radio show, international keynote speaker, “activational” mentor, and industry expert has proven that the way we look at corporate health, safety, and wellness is due for a change of perspective; and Sylvia is leading the charge. Sylvia addresses a wide range of topics and concepts with presentations like Stressed To Kill!, which offers a unique perspective on the health crisis related to stress; Respectfully, Up Yours! which addresses corporate culture and cooperation; and Happy Hour Begins at 9:00AM! which tackles the concept of happiness and relates it to the modern workplace. Her entertaining presentations focus on a proactive approach to building healthy lives and workplaces. Through the use of humour and her incredibly dynamic presentation style, Sylvia leaves audiences laughing, learning, and going home with the tools and confidence to change their lives for the better.

 What We Discuss In This Episode:

Sylvia’s passion is to help people with prevention and was driven to reach as many as possible. As a result, she became an activational speaker, vibrantly sharing her passion with others. Drawing from her own life situations and experiences, she has learned so much that she now passes on to others. Early on in her life, she recognized that she could put a smile on other’s faces even when there wasn’t much to smile about. This is a real gift, especially with so much negativity that’s going on in the world at this point in history.


Sylvia also works in the corporate world - working on industrial and office issues including ergonomics. But, she not only helps people ergonomically but digs deeper into that person’s life to see what is going on more deeply when the ergonomics alone are not working and solving issues for them. They are amazed at the results.

She emphasizes how our body has a language by which it communicates with us. If the issues live in the tissues, then the issues are played out in our symptoms and health. The body often begins by giving us that small whisper. Yet, until we are in tune with our bodies, we often dismiss those cues. Once the recognition comes, then we can learn how to resolve issues that are going on within us.

Sylvia discusses how she helps people in the corporate world to experience good health and wellbeing despite what’s going on around them. Studies have shown that the workplace has been identified as the #1 stressor tied with finances. We spend the majority of our day planning for, commuting to, and attending work. If that’s the #1stressor, we have to ask ourselves, what’s the physiological impact on our body? Consider what the long-term effect is on not only our physical body but also our mental and emotional health.

This is a very important issue and Sylvia explains it all so well and gives some great tips and solutions for what might be going on in your life.


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