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Living Life Naturally

Sep 13, 2021

About Sam Visnic:

Sam Visnic has spent his life studying the fundamental aspects of human health with a focus on movement and clinical massage therapy.  In a world of specialists, surgical procedures, drugs, and quick-fix remedies, he’s committed to finding and developing strategies that help people stuck at the “gap.”

Sam has studied dozens of systems and methodologies for uncovering the root cause of aches and pains, along with postural and movement issues.  Pain science, the art and science of hands-on soft tissue massage techniques, myofascial release, and coaching movement are essential in his practice. 

Integrating different methods but above all deciphering WHEN to use different techniques with different people and situations, along with the integration of movements that people want to be able to do again is the key to long-term success with Sam’s incredible track record with his personal clients. Understanding the various elements that contribute to conditions and the power of communication and education makes his Release Muscle Therapy program unique from other hands-on therapeutic approaches.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

Sam’s passion has evolved over the last 20 years. He loves to help his clients learn how to be proactive and prevent injury. We know much more now about pain and the physiology of pain, and Sam shares how he’s been able to integrate this into his practice with movement specifically targeted for what the individual is dealing with. Sam tells us why this time and age has brought more chronic pain into today’s lifestyle. He goes back to when these types of things could have begun and our responses to the persistent pain in our lives.

He believes we over x-ray and over MRI a person’s issues bringing them to surgical prevention or medication intervention. Sam works to bring about a better response to pain so that we can actually live without this vicious cycle of pain. He explains the process of why we still might feel pain even after tissue has healed in our bodies.

Sam teaches people about chronic pain and sensitivity in our nervous system and digs into what other factors might be involved when it comes to chronic pain. The more we understand the nervous system, the easier it is to navigate this process to bring our system back into homeostasis.  It’s not just a mechanical fix for us but it also involves other factors influencing our response to certain therapies. He gives some examples of how this works for us and how we can get beyond the fear or apprehension of engaging in therapeutic intervention from past responses so that we can engage in these therapies and activities to help bring about healing. He shares some tips on how we can get beyond chronic pain and all that comes along with it so that we can truly get beyond this point and live in hope and healing.


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