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Living Life Naturally

Mar 8, 2021

About Linda Babulic:

Linda Babulic is a ZESTY Executive Life Coach, author of the Amazon #1 International Best Seller ZEST Your Life - A Taste of Inner Wisdom, author and certified Dream Coach®.

Her specialty is working with women to crystallize what they want in business and life so that they are in power, control, and leading their best life. And then, we link arms to build a strategy to align, amplify and attract their ZESTY dreams.

We bring this to life through open-heart connection, defining values, and the wisdom of ancient women’s teachings.

With over 25 years of experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors she has worked with people from all walks of life — from The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, first female Prime Minister of Canada, entry-level managers in the auto parts industry to federal prison inmates serving life sentences.

From keynote speeches to coaching and consulting, to workshops and books, Linda addresses the growing need for connection. Her mission is to move you to a place of power, perseverance, and ZEST. Her talks and programs serve anyone seeking greater meaning, deeper understanding, and the kind of joy that comes from the heart. Her work, her energy, and her smile make the world a better place.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

Linda’s book, ZEST Your Life - A Taste of Inner Wisdom is a best seller. She shares why she wrote her book and just exactly what the acronym for ZEST is.

Linda discusses why she believes it’s so important for us, as women, to have that total ZEST for life and shares some daily habits she herself uses, as well as the pillars she teaches her clients to build so that they can have that ZESTY life.

She talks about how these simple daily habits keep you focused, motivated and ZESTY, and why that is an important piece to the puzzle for us as women.

If you feel your life lacks ZEST, joy, and happiness, Linda has some great insights on how to change to living your happiest life.


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