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Living Life Naturally

Nov 21, 2022

About Allie Cass:

Allie Cass is a former bodybuilding pro turned functional health and fitness coach who helps stressed out women optimize their metabolism, up-level their mindset, and shift from surviving to thriving. She's an advocate for self-love, becoming your best self through mind-body health, and living a life fully alive!

What We Discuss In This Episode:

Allie loves all things to do with health, fitness, women's health, mindset, mind-body connection, and we discuss some of these issues.

Allie shares the catalyst that propelled her into the world of health and fitness, both personally and professionally.

She shares the best nutrition or exercise strategy for women's health and fat-loss.

We discuss whether or not weight loss is as simple as calories in v. calories out, or if there are other factors at play like hormones that determine someone's ability to lose weight or not.

With all of the dietary approaches out there (keto, low-fat, vegan, intermittent fasting, high protein, paleo, Mediterranean, etc.) Allie shares how she believes someone can know what the best approach is for their individual body and goals.

We also discuss the role that emotions, beliefs, and thoughts play in our biology and how they affect our ability to heal our body and reach our optimal health?


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