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Living Life Naturally

Dec 5, 2022

About Maria Mastrodicasa:

Maria Mastrodicasa learned early on how to turn impossible into possible. This young girl who grew up in Brooklyn, New York was told " You'll Never..." so many times. From You'll Never lose those thunder thighs, to You'll Never amount to anything because you can hardly read. Maria not only transformed her body she transformed her life which she shares in her two books, ("You'll Never..." The Journey To What Is Possible Through Self-Advocacy, and The Self-Advocacy Empowerment Journal) After transforming her body and building her confidence she headed to New York City where she worked with the wolves of Wall Street. As she ran with the wolves they told her It's a man's world and you are lucky you were invited. You'll Never be a broker here. Maria ran ahead of the pack becoming the #1 broker in her department of thirteen men. Making six figures at the age of 26. That would be a half a million dollars today. Nothing is impossible if you believe.

What We Discuss In This Episode:

Maria shares her journey as a young girl from Brooklyn who was told “YOU’LL NEVER amount to anything.” She left high school in the tenth grade, determined to make a better life for herself despite struggling with dyslexia. Maria’s drive for achievement and instinct for self-advocacy led her to Wall Street where she ran with the wolves and came out ahead of the pack, earning six figures by the time she was 26 years old.

She shares the powerful lessons she learned while battling the violence and apathy of the school system, the old boys’ network of Wall Street, and the heartbreak of domestic violence and divorce.

For every challenge, Maria developed a method to be her own advocate, and now shares her stories and lessons that can empower you to succeed against the odds.

Maria also shares about her book - her journey on personal transformation and how she pushed through the pain of domestic violence, won a law suit in its entirety that was initiated against her falsely. She shares the lessons she’s learned on how to go from victim to victor and turn impossible into possible so all can live their best life!

Maria also shares how to push through our pain by shifting our mindset to achieve the best results, and how the importance of living in the present moment can bring beauty and joy into our lives. She shares how we can do this despite the busyness we experience in our lives.

Free Resources from Maria Mastrodicasa:

Grab Maria’s great offer of 2 free 30- minute sessions to help and support you on how to use your voice to advocate for yourself and others more effectively. To schedule email Maria:


Resources from Maria Mastrodicasa:

Her book, You'll Never..." The Journey To What Is Possible Through Self-Advocacy, and The Self-Advocacy Empowerment Journal, can be purchased through her Website and Amazon:



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